Wardrobe Essentials : Upper Body Edition - Part 1

Shirts an individual must have.

Hello reader!

Okay, so do we really need to discuss the fact that how important our wardrobe or apparels in general are. I mean, of course who wouldn’t love to be perceived as a fashionable identity in general. I do, certainly!

Starting from the strands of your hair to the very dirt on your shoe. Everything on your body which can be seen by naked eyes directly impacts your impression on the outer world.

I wish I could say the same thing about thoughts and emotions, you know what I mean. ;)

But that is the difference you see. You can hide your feelings and thoughts when you met someone with a smile but the clothes, nah you obviously can’t. So, if you do not smell clean and fresh, you'll be perceived as a non-hygienic person. If you wear tube socks with sandals, you'll obviously be perceived as a less fashionable person.

So, taking in consideration that I consider myself a fashion enthusiast (not a professional) and without wasting any second lets jump into article 1 out of a series of 3 on wardrobe essentials: shirts every man must have.

P.S. - I am more than just a fashion enthusiast. ;P

  1. With number one on the list, we have something simple and classy yet royal and elegant. We are talking about

Oxford shirts – They are the base of every suit. They are the go-to to every occasion. Formal meetings or an informal party, oxford shirts will never go out from fashion. Be it white, sky blue or pink. A good quality oxford shirt can last you for more than 8-10 months before they starts getting worn out, depending on the usage as well.

White Oxfords - Pinterest
White Oxfords - Pinterest

Because oxfords are a little tough to maintain, they are mostly used for official purposes or occasions which are on a slightly formal side like wedding receptions, etc.

Depending on the usage one should must have at least 2-3 white plain buttoned down oxford shirts and 1-2 blue or pink just to be a little playful.

2. Second up is we have shirts with only 2-3 buttons. Yes, if you get it right we are talking about Polo shirts

Polo shirts in general can be used at probably every single occasion. Be it formal or informal, polo shirts have that semi-formal-ish kind of vibe which not only can be dressed up with a suit but can also be woven simply with chinos.

The best combinations comes with polo having black and navy blue color. These 2 colors are the must in every wardrobe.

In addition to this one can surely have different colors, but my advise would be to go with darker shades as they help to stand out.

One thing about polo that sets it apart among of its ally is the variations of fabrics available. One can choose from cotton to all the way to nylon or polyester.

3. Now, we are done with the formal outlook, lets dive into shirts which are more on a playful side of dressing and those are known as flannels and floral-

Flannels essentially are those check like designs which are curated in such a manner that either the profound base has horizontal lines or has vertical lines.

The most wide variety of color combinations are found in these types of shirts. And the best thing is they also have that semi-formal vibe which makes them useful for both formal and informal wear.

One thing to note is – The shades who are on a lighter side of color spectrum are better for formal use, while darker shades give more of a playful vibe.

Floral, on the other hand are completely informal. One can dress them at a beach party or a picnic or if one is going for a day time movie.

Floral shirts are a summer style staple.

As, far as the color and texture are concerned, it largely depends on the individual. I personally like short, lower tone floral designs, you could be fond of big bulky ones. Its all about ones own choice.

4. Next up on the list are our all time favorites, the eye witnesses of our grind and hard work. Yes, gym vests and athletic t-shirts -

Okay now, am putting a very debatable belief of mine but please bear with me…

I am a firm believer that brand value of a particular product is a big factor when we are going out to buy something. I believe in this ideology that if I am giving some extra bucks am getting a quality product. And so is the story of athletic apparels in general.

Brands like adidas, nike and puma are on a costlier side because their product are better. I know most of you will not agree with me but it is what it is.

But on the contrary part, one should have gym vests or athletic clothes, not because they make you look good, but also for a fact that when you put them on, you are confident enough to go for a war. And that feeling to me is irresistible.

Link - https://www.nikvik.com/products/shahid-kapoor-in-black-designer-kurta-mwdia17
Black custom made kurta

5. Ethnic wear(Kurtas) –

Be it a pathani or a Hindustani, we all know kurtas are the life of a festival. Its like a custom to wear them.

Because kurtas have that kind, mature and knowledgeable vibe to it. Plus, they come in some many designs and layouts that having them in wardrobe is itself a gutsy task.

Khadi Kurtas have been their from the earlier times.

For the starter one can have white and black kurtas.

6. And at the last, the upper wear that either we have 10 or 100. We always love to buy more. They are our beloved t-shirts

Many trending fashionistas advice about buying particular type of t-shirts but to me it largely depends on the personal choice of a being and mood as well. On some days I like to wear a plain white v-collar and on other days I like to wear Ed-hardy’s skulls and fire.

So, as I said it largely depends on the mood but just to be sure. If, one is taking out a t-shirt for an occasion, make sure that, that t-shirt goes with it. Cause there is no point in wearing an overly blunt rock star t-shirt on a friend’s wedding.

And make sure to have staples like black and white color round neck and v-neck. They sometimes are life saviors.

So, there you have 6 torso essentials that one must have in their wardrobe. Just remember, when it comes to fashion the sky is the only limit. Yours list can be totally different with mine.Make sure to give out reviews about the article or what you thought I could have added in the list. See you in the comment section.
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