Make In India 2.0 : One & Only solution for China's Bullyism

It's high time, the People's Republic of China (PRC) needs to be taught a lesson. An unforgettable lesson that will keep haunting them whenever they try to bully someone in the future.

On the 12th of May 2020, Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi asked the nation to become "Vocal for Local", which means to support indigenously manufactured products and services. Personally, I think it was a move by the Government of India to revive the already going downhill' national economy that is further worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Little did we know, that PRC would be so much pissed by this, that they started escalating tension in the Eastern Ladakh region of India by trespassing the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Frankly, they don't need a reason to do that. They have a history of practicing these cheap tactics of bullying their neighboring countries.

But this time, India is not going to blink!

But why did China react so violently if one of its neighboring countries is switching to self-reliance mode? Isn't it better if someone is becoming self-dependent?

Well, in world politics, it's not! Certainly not, when it comes to China & India. Because, as per the records of 2018-19, Dragon has a whopping share of 13.7% in India's total imports from around the world.

Now, you'll probably be asking that "What's wrong if India and China are involved in such heavy business? This should be great as international trade provides an economical and infrastructural boost to countries." But my friend, business is an activity which is only successful when both the involved parties have equal participation.

India's imports from China are about 5-6 times greater than exports. Indians are becoming more & more dependent on Chinese products, mainly because they are cheap. This is introducing a problem called the Trade Deficit. And it's really bad, especially for developing countries to have a larger Trade Deficit. A country's expenditure on its imports rises as the value of Trade Deficit increases. In simple words, more and more capital is going to flow out of the country. I hope you got the essence of the topic. Let's not dive any deeper into the financial terms and discuss the main thing, i.e. How is China using all this, very smartly, to its own advantage?!

China's Masterplan

The critical issue I want to uncover by telling you this whole story is the PRC's Debt Trap Strategy. History is evident... they are pretty consistent in practicing it, you've got to give them that. So, what exactly is this, and how China executes it?

See, there are 195 countries in the world and most of them don't come under the 'developed' tag. Many developing countries are in need of funds to carry on to their path of progress. There exist some organizations such as IMF and World Bank, that are built solely for this purpose of supporting these countries by giving them loans at low-interest rates. But, you know how this world works, they got some guidelines which don't allow them to provide loans to certain countries. This is where China comes into play. China suddenly becomes a "sweet as sugar" fairy godmother pretending that "Only we care about your country". It extends an excessive amount of credit to the country in need. And, in most cases, that country is not able to pay back the debt, because China deliberately suspends the operations that its particular investment is supposed to carry out, which is exactly what happened with Hambantota Port of Sri Lanka. How in the world, one can pay the debt if you don't get the ROI. Then China says, "Okay then, let us operate on your land." The debt-ridden country has no other choice but to accept this. Congrats! You've successfully managed to fall into their trap.

Gradually, Chinese imports of goods, weapons (and even people) starts rising in the country. After the Djibouti of Africa and the Hambantota Port of Sri Lanka, the next victim Port of Mombasa, Kenya is believed to join this list soon enough.

I guess I don't need to talk about the most beloved victim of China i.e. Pakistan, who is solely being run by China. I know, my audience is that much informed already. So what exactly does China wants to accomplish by doing all this?

One motive is to have full control over the South China Sea (SCS) region and it is encircling India by making new strategic ports at their victims' locations, day by day. Recent Chinese military aggression in SCS puts a stamp on it.

I mean, China! Really? First, you distributed the world with the biggest problem to tackle with and now you're threatening your neighbors by trying to push the international borders. And on top of all this, you expect the world not to blame you for purposely spreading the COVID virus. Sorry, but the events already taking place tell a completely different story.

Q. So, What can we do now? We are merely citizens.

We can do more than enough, being mere citizens.

Fortunately, India has not fallen into this trap, YET!

But if we continue to prefer cheap priced products over our own country, if we continue to follow these imbalanced trade practices and becoming a fool, the day's not far away when we may have to surrender our land along with our pride to China. China is utilizing our money to strengthen its military and after that openly dares to threaten us to give our own land to them.

That seems funny at an instance, right? But the only laughing stock in this whole joke is the citizens of India themselves. We are digging our own graves. Now, who's laughing?

Our armed forces are doing their best to protect us. But we're busy filling the Chinese pockets. Do one thing from now on, Whenever you see a Chinese product and feel like buying it, just remind yourself that it'll be you who has to accept the blame of getting your brother soldier martyred. You'll be paying for his killing.

So, our wallet can bring an impact, a hundred times stronger than a bullet, when it comes to China. I know that currently, we're not so great in the hardware sector when compared to China, but that is due to less focus and investments in the manufacturing sector. China is called the Manufacturing Hub. It was not like that from the beginning. China brought reforms, started giving priority to "skilled labor". Companies have to carry out workshops, give training to all the workers, and each worker got assigned to the work, which he was good at.

Perfection comes with the experience, Experience comes with experimenting and practicing. We need to take the responsibility for this. No one from the USA or UK will come and support Indian manufacturing companies unless the Indian citizens themselves are overwhelmed by the foreign products and see their own products as of inferior quality. A chef never starts selling his food directly to the people out there and becomes the number 1 straightaway. First, he/she shares the dish with his/her friends and family and take feedback from them. He/She fails many times to get that particular taste and texture before ultimately becoming successful.

Apple Inc. didn't start making the top-notch smartphones from day 1. If we won't support our people, our companies, our nation... then, who will?

And don't forget, India is one of the biggest IT hubs in the world. We are doing exceptionally great in the software industry and service sector. That's why Sir Sonam Wangchuk said,

Replace Chinese software in a week and hardware in an year.

China manufactures everything, from Apple iPhones to Tesla EVs. But, due to recent Coronavirus outbreak from China, sentiments of a lot of companies, investing in the manufacturing sector of China, have been hurt and most of them are looking to move out from there, in order to avoid the uncertainty of the something similar can happen in the future also. And there lies a massive opportunity for India to attract these FDIs from these major countries. It'll surely help to boost the 'only one lying behind' manufacturing sector and creating job opportunities. Okay, let the Govt of India take care of that.

But, let's not forget our duties as citizens. The sole purpose of Boycotting Chinese products is to encourage people to support Make in India 2.0 and Buy Made in India products, even if they are a little expensive or not having some extra features because

  • It's a lot better than paying for our own soldiers' killings.

  • It's a lot better than buying a foreign product and then blabbering about the downgoing GDP of the country.

  • And, foremost, It's a lot better than being a victim of 'Modern Colonization' by a foreign power, again.

Our ancestors already did this mistake in 1600 A.D. Let's not repeat it again.

Boycott Made In China

Support Make In India

Buy Made In India

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