Indians on '#BlackLivesMatter' - Heights of Hypocrisy?

What followed after the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer, is a start of a revolution in different parts of the world. The revolution that hopes and aims to end discrimination against people of black color. Discrimination against the Blacks has a long history. Slavery was abolished in the USA by the 13th Constitutional Amendment in 1865 after a long revolution. But that didn't end the discrimination against Blacks.

What happened with George was just one instance among many and was the moment when the patience of many broke in the US, followed by protests.

Now I will keep this short, not going into history and details, just straight to the point.

What I saw is #BlackLivesMatter tweets by Indians and NRIs. Ah, that got me thinking.

Let's get back to home. India! You know, we Indians love to lecture others. Be it your child, neighbor or other countries. But we never see what happens at home. I mean both side's story should be out.

Are we different from those people? Time to take a short look(remember not keeping it long).

Even if we are a little bit fair coloured, we address people with dark skin as Kalu or Kaala. Kaala kaluta. I mean even in the families. A dark coloured kid will be called that name since childhood, even by parents.

Are you the one who call out people kaale, kaala, kaalu because of dark skin? If yes, then You are a part of the problem.

Remember this? Yes, Indian Cricketer Hardik Pandya. When he got engaged, what many of you did? Made memes. Made fun of them. Because deep inside your mind a relation just means having physical intercourse with a beautiful hot white woman or a white muscular build man. Isn't that it? You couldn't think how a dark coloured man got engaged with a white woman. I mean, for you, she is good, but what's in that dark-looking man.

Are you the one among those who were like that? If yes, You are the problem.

Now take a look at this.

You can not deny that racism against North East Indians exists in our country. They are called Chini(Chinese). A few don't consider them as part of India. Isn't that racism?

Are you the one among those people? If yes, You are the problem.

The last time you disrespected the maid at your home or a servant at a hotel. You are the problem.

Last time you decided to not be a friend with a dark coloured girl or boy. You are the problem.

Last time you decided not to befriend with a person of Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe. You are the problem.

Last time you decided to be violent with a person just because of his caste. You are the problem.

The time you decided that your religion is supreme of all and disrespected other's. You are the problem.

Last time you disrespected someone because of his/her caste. You are the problem.

Are you the one lecturing others on #BlackLivesMatter while being one of the stated persons? If yes, you are the problem.

Are you an NRI worried about racism, that can happen to you in those countries, but are the one discriminating others back here at home? If yes, You are the problem.

So Yes, stop lecturing others if you are part of the problem. Let's solve things back at home first, then we can lecture others.

Source : Al Jazeera
Source : Al Jazeera

Well, don't think that it's for everyone. No! There are lots of good people out there. But the truth be said.

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