Earth Energy unveils Three EV 2 Wheelers

Earth Energy founded in 2017 is a EV startup. Company website states- "Earth Energy operates under its parent company Grushie Energy Private Limited with its HQ in Mainland Mumbai and has a RnD & production facility in outskirts of Mumbai."

Company via a virtual event unveiled 3 EV 2 wheelers!

Glyde+ is a Scooter with following specs

- 60kmph top speed

- 100km claimed range(eco)

- 52Ah li-on battery; 2.4kw motor

- Starts at INR 92,000

Evolve Z is a bike with following specs

- 95kmph top speed

- 100km claimed range(eco)

- 96Ah li-on battery; 5.3kw motor

- Starts at INR 1,30,000

Evolve R is a bike with following specs

- 110kmph top speed

- 100km claimed range(eco)

- 115Ah li-on battery; 12.5kw motor

- Starts at INR 1,42,000

Vehicles are equipped with a 5-inch TFT display that comes with a default in-built app that shows live navigation status, incoming calls/messages alert, trip history, and current destination on-screen for the confidence-inducing uninterrupted ride. The range is equipped with automatic headlight enabled feature for switching effortlessly during night and day-time and an LCD display which will help riders to see in dark and light mode, Battery SOC, real-time range and TBT (turnabout time) navigation

Company says it has with 7 dealers in Mumbai and plans to expand to 45 dealerships by end-2021.

However no information is available at company website, just showing "Coming soon".

Commenting on the Launch, Mr. Rushi S., CEO & Founder, Earth Energy EV says, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of our first range of electric two-Wheelers. The EV industry in India is emerging on account of various factors such as the growing awareness toward the environment, increasing petrol prices, and stringent emission norms, etc. We feel that the consumption of electric vehicles will go up now than ever." "The facility can produce 12,000 units per annum. We are now looking to set up a bigger facility with 65,000 units per year" Rushi noted, reports Economic Times.

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