Delhi Govt launches "Switch Delhi" Campaign to promote EVs

Delhi Govt has launched a 8 week "Switch Delhi" campaign aiming to increase EV awareness & promote EV adoption.

Govt aims to have 25% EV sales by 2024. Kejriwal said tenders for about 100 EV Charging stations in Delhi are being given. He says that we need to make this a movement. Vehicular pollution will be controlled when every citizen makes their contribution.

He appeals Delhi citizens to participate in the campaign & asks them to pledge to have their next vehicle as electric. TCIN earlier started a "Pledge to go Electric" campaign, you can sign up for pledge here.

He asks Delivery fleets & companies to make a switch to electric & companies, malls, cinema halls, restaurants, shopping complexes to establish EV Chargers in their premises.

Making a big claim to hire only EVs for govt use in next 6 months. This will be huge push for EVs. He appeals youth to have their first vehicle as electric only.

Last year Delhi Govt implemented EV Policy. Road Tax & Registration is waived off for all EVs during the period of this policy. There are purchase incentives for EV 2w, 3w & 4w.

Electric 2 Wheelers

  • Purchase incentive of INR 5000/kwh battery & max of INR 30,000 / vehicle. This will significantly bring down the 2w Ev cost. Most new EV 2w are having nearly 3kwh battery, that means 15k off!

  • EV Owners to get incentives up to INR 5000 on scrapping their ICE 2w. . Apart from getting EVs on road, we need to get those old polluting ICE off the road also. And this incentive will motivate people to do away with their petrol guzzlers.

  • Delivery service providers like food delivery, e-commerce logistics, couriers to shift to EVs. Govt expects 50% of the fleet to be electric by 31st March 2023 & 100% fleet to be electric by 31st March 2025.

Electric Auto Rickshaws

  • Purchase incentive of INR 30000/e auto. And interest subvention of 5% on loan for e auto. This again will help auto owners to switch to Electric as in addition, they realize savings on fuel also.

  • ICE Auto scrapping incentive up to INR 7500.

  • Current Auto Rickshaw permits can be exchanged for an E-Rickshaw permit at no additional cost.

3 Wheeled Goods Carrier and Goods Carrier having gross weight less than 3.5T

  • Purchase incentive of INR 30000 to first 10000 e good carrier. Interest subvention of 5% on loan.

  • Scrap incentives up to INR 7500.

  • E Goods Carrier will be exempted from the prohibition on plying and idle parking charges. Another indirect incentive.

Electric Cars

  • Purchase incentive of INR 10000/kwh battery capacity, max INR 1.5L to first 1000 e-cars after issuance of this policy.

This is a good step by govt. Good to see govt doing EV promotion campaign. However work on E Buses in Delhi seems slow, would love if it is fast-tracked & we get some E Buses on road soon.

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