7 "Not So Obvious" things to do in Quarantine

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Nowadays it's very obvious to understand the severity of the quarantine situation. It's nearly 5 and a half months since we entered this pandemic caused by COVID-19.

But something, which is not that obvious is this list which is coming ahead about

7 unique things, which an individual can do living just the way they are i.e. in confined spaces or at homes.

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As we already know that after this quarantine and lockdown stage started in the different parts of the world. People were bound to be at homes. Now, to kill the time there are tens and thousands of articles, videos, and blogs of people telling a list of things one can do to pass the time, be productive, and whatnot.

But I think most of you (the readers) are tired of getting pieces of advice like do some workout, read a book or cook, etc. So, here I present a list of 7 things, which are not only productive but are assured that these things are going to help you to lead a better life and pass out this ‘not-so-good’ stage of quarantine.

Here we go.

1. Learn about your religion.

So, what if I ask you that what do you know about your own religion OR how many books and transcripts you’ve read to date, that addresses your religion?

Some will say 2, some 3 but a lot many people aren’t even aware of what their religion is and what is spirituality in general.

It's okay if you are an atheist and your equation with religion doesn’t set up. But knowing about different religions, their customs, their history is, of course, going to make you more knowledgeable in a unique way.

To initiate – Start finding out books and scriptures which are based on your religion or other and start studying them. Being a Hindu, one can look for holy books like ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ or ‘The Ramcharitmanas’ for the start. Similarly, for every other religion, one can look for books or PDF files online.

2. Try cold-emailing.

Have you ever tried of contacting that Instagram celeb or that YouTube influencer that you always liked and shared your ideas with them?

If not, then this is your time.

Every popular celebrity or influencer is obviously gotta have an email account. Your work would be to impress them with either of your work or the words you choose to convey your message to them. You can also connect to your peers, college/university alumni, or even CEOs of great multinational corporations as well.

And that is what the concept of cold e-mailing all about. You try to reach out to people whom you never even talked to.

To initiate - Try to find out the e-mail of that person and start writing. But be very conscious of your words and the amount of it you use. Being generous and not expecting return within first the few tries is the key.

3. Work on your social profiles.

I know I know, it's very hard to keep updating your social media profiles when you’re stuck at home and can't go outside.

But remember 2 things –

a. The real test of creativity is inside a closed box. Outer world and sceneries can make anyone creative.

b. Secondly, your social media profile is your face to the outer world. The more effort you put in the creativity and quality of posts, the better the audience you’ll receive.

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To initiate- Team up with your siblings or your neighborhood friends and start thinking about ideas that you want to post on your social media handles. Once you start working with this, your work will be your entertainment.

4. Find out what is therapeutically advantageous for you.

By the word therapeutically advantageous, I mean certain activities or things that can possibly be used in the situation when you are not feeling good emotionally or mentally.

These things are not only going to help you cope up with the stress and the anxiety which anyone can feel being in the times we all are right now. But, it is also a very good way to explore your likes and dislikes.

As crazy and weird as it sounds, but to me, a partially wet towel on my pillow at night has helped me come across daily fatigue and anxiety attacks. Now it's up to you to decide. Yours can be doing some cardio or lifting some weights or watching a movie.

5. Master strong and realistic ethics.

There will always be some skill or other present in the world that you want to learn but because of a tight schedule, you can’t. So, now is the time. Putting your life in order, doing what’s necessary, developing good habits in yourself should always be your primary goal.

One can start from time management, self-discipline, how to be more presentable, good behavioral ethics are some things that one can start from.

To initiate- First, find out one specific ethic that you want to work on. Focus on one, grow slowly taking short steps. You can also look for advice and step by step DIYs online as well.

6. Learn self-defense.

Self-defense is one of those things which come with greater importance in one's life only and only when he/she is beaten up.

Typical humans, we are, aye!

Trust me on my word, this thing is going to be helpful in so many ways one cannot even imagine. When someone knows how to protect themselves, they have this raging confidence in them. Some even get up to be a leader, cause now they aren’t scared. While self-defense helps people to get in shape, for some its life-changing.

To initiate – First, you need some motivation. For that, I recommend watching movies like IP man & its sequel and the karate kid. And then going online and learning the basics of any fighting style or art.

7. Write.

Yes, you read it right. I am not telling you to read but to write.

I’ve put this point in the last because as easier as it sounds. Writing is something that is going to change one’s life instantly. Writing poetry, articles, or letters is not just some words on a blank paper. But those are emotions.

Emotions of people that they can't discuss with anyone else. Writing is going to help you relax, it is going to help you understand how you can put forward your thoughts and who knows you can even come out with a self-written fictional novel from this quarantine.

Best of luck with that!

One can start writing letters to themselves. What they are going through, what they want to do, how much are they willing to work.

Where necessity is just a pen and paper, possibilities are endless.

Thank you so much for tuning in and staying till the end of this blog.

Make sure to write your reviews and suggestions about the article in the comment section.

Until next time, keep supporting.


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