3 Ways In Which Lockdown is Affecting Humans

Updated: Jun 7, 2020


We've all heard at some point in our life that, Human Being is a social animal. He/She is meant to explore and socialize in order to survive in this world. Whether it is getting along with other kids in your first experience of schooling or interacting with the colleagues at your job. We are programmed like this from our childhood and it is for our benefit otherwise there won’t be any difference between us and those machines.

Okay, imagine a class full of children who are just sitting in their places, just doing their work showing no sign of mutual interactions and when the bell rings, everyone just leaves for their home. It’s a nightmare to even imagine that awkward scene of such baby robots, right?

So, we can say that socializing is a crucial part of one’s life. Without it, we can’t share our feelings and emotions, and that way of life will be a meaningless one. Now, what happens when this lifeline is snatched from you, even if it is temporary?

That’s exactly what happened when COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) struck our planet and the whole world began to get locked down, country by country.

This was the need of the hour, but… Hey, you know that Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, right? So, let’s take a look at what happened to these social creatures, called Humans, in this period. Everyone responded to this situation accordingly giving their unique reactions.

So let's discuss the main 3 ways in which humans reacted to this Lockdown.

Let’s begin by discussing some of the positive ones : -

1. Acquired New Skills

Humans adapted to lockdown in different ways. The most efficient one was that they got enough unallocated time to pursue their interests, which may not have been possible without this lockdown. For example, Companies & Offices switched to the digital platforms for all their operations, asking their employees to work from their home, saving them the time that gets wasted in commutation.

People utilized this time in various ways. Some learned how to cook, play guitar, others developed a hobby, wrote blogs, started YouTube channel, etc. They did whatever they had in mind, but waited their whole life for the right time and Lockdown did the trick. There’s no doubt, this opportunity proved to be exemplary for many and they got their careers set up in their own field of interests. Lockdown conditions pushed humans to introspect and pull out a better version of themselves.

2. Increased Productivity

Here, I am not talking about industrial productivity, but the productivity of an individual. Two factors are involved in this process. One is the flexibility provided in work hours and Second is quality time spent with the family. I mean, who doesn’t want to work from home on their own timings and also, at the same time, enjoy with their loved ones. It helps in establishing a cheerful environment, which adds up to the efficiency of oneself. Traveling fatigue has also been eliminated further enhancing one’s working capabilities.

By the way, hello my lazy buddies out there, this paragraph was for you XD. You are becoming lazier day by day due to this lockdown. So, I just want to remind you that this lockdown is not permanent, make something good out of it, otherwise once it’s over, you will be finding it difficult to cover up this lost time.

3. Tension & Frustration

Now comes the real toll that the lockdown took on humans. See, nobody can deny that humanity has a natural tendency of getting bored by following a monotonous routine. Our minds start getting frustrated very easily and unnecessarily. Now, put your hand on your heart and tell me you haven’t experienced it, even once, in this lockdown. And if your answer is NO, then Congrats my friend, you’ve reached the ultimate level of being an introvert.

Now, talking about normal human beings, we are always in a need of a source of continuous motivation, relaxation, and enjoyment. Without these, a person can efficiently work for at most, a week or two, before burning out. And then, only the unwanted frustration comes out of that person. As I said, we are programmed like that and if someone tries to change the code, errors are bound to come. Just like we hit the Refresh button of our computer to speed it up, Humans also need a refresh button whether it is in form of hanging out with friends, going on a long refreshing nature vacation, etc.

Everyone has their unique Refresh button, which they currently can’t press. So, the stress builds up, human RAM gets full and eventually, the system crashes. That’s why many people are not able to concentrate on their work amidst this pandemic situation. Everywhere they look, they see negative news of death and destruction. Students are not able to cope up with their studies in these strenuous times.

As the word Lockdown means (in view of COVID-19) that people will stay in their homes and no one will indulge in any sort of public activity anywhere in that area, so the companies started bearing losses and to cut their cost, they started firing their employees. Thus, job losses threw many people into financial crisis. Now, comes the final stage, when some people start lashing out who can’t bear this mental as well as the financial stress. This is the most dangerous situation because now, they simply don’t give a damn about what anyone says to them. And it’s justifiable, “If you won’t getting enough resources to survive, you’ll be dead anyway… Then why don’t take this risk of going out to find something?!”

And, on top of that, it’s in human nature that if he/she can’t see something real happening in front of their eyes, they start taking it lightly after some time to be relieved of the unnecessary stress. That’s what happening with humans and COVID-19 right now and I am afraid that it can pick up its pace in future.


The truth is we can’t keep extending the lockdown after some extent. The world’s economy has already suffered a lot, and it can be raised only by resuming all the suspended activities. Now, you should probably be asking –

“Is raising the economy more important than saving human lives?”

Well, Of course, it's NOT!

See, it’s true that Saving a Life is the most important thing, but the situation we are tackling with right now will take much time to get normal again. And also, it’s not so deadly if we take some precautionary measures against it. This way, we can save our economy along with saving ourselves too. We just have to overcome a weakness, that every human has, which is given below -

The biggest weapon that COVID-19 is destroying us with, is its naked-eye invisibility. COVID-19’s fear is disappearing from the minds of humans, because you can’t be afraid of something that you can’t see, for long. It’s a fact!

People have been scared so much for these 2-3 months that the fear itself is getting eroded now. Once this state comes, they’ll no longer be scared of it, unless they see a real person dying of it. That’s a weakness and it lies in each and every human. And it’s an issue of concern because that mindset can prove to be a catalyst for a larger and swifter spread of this virus You should know that it doesn’t matter to the Coronavirus whether you’re afraid of it or not. So, you better make up your mind that everything you touch can be contaminated. Only this mindset can save you from COVID.

At last my friends, all I want to say to you is -


Lead a safe and healthy life. I will not say Stay at Home, because you also know, you can’t do that forever.



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