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Still wondering about that weird website name... Let us simplify it for you.

The two N's multiplied here are Nikhil Chaudhary & Nishant Ahlawat, the two & only superintendents of this beautiful website.

This website has a short story behind it. Wanna listen? 

Sorry, you don't get a choice here. So...


On 63rd boring day of self quarantine, One N said to the other... "Hey N, we should invest this unallocated time into doing something productive, for us as well as all the other earthlings out there. And for achieving that, I got a... ". The other N, (guess more bored than other), hastily replied, "Whatever your plan is, count me in". It takes a minimum of 8 year friendship to reach this level of mutual understanding & trust.

And you know very well, what happened after...

One more thing we forgot to tell you, we love to write... OOPS! Sorry, We guess you have got it all figured out till now. So, we will be writing on Politics, General Issues, Environmental Issues, Social Issues, this issue & that issue & whatnot. We will write on anything, that we feel is important or requested by our beloved audience (hope we reach that level soon). There will be serious stuff, there will be humorous stuff (breed that can take sarcasm is decreasing btw). At least we can promise you that, We will all grow together, by sharing our views as an individual & shedding light on what's important, because the media, the fourth pillar of democracy, is currently busy baby-sitting the ruling parties.

The Boys


Nikhil Chaudhary

UG student at University of Delhi, India

Tesla, Tech, Space Enthusiast

Founder Tesla Club India™

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Nishant Ahlawat

UG student at University of Delhi, India

Photoshop Freelancer

Free Time Blogger

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